Thursday, December 31, 2009

I've gone NERVIO!

Monday, November 23, 2009

No problem, comment-bot.

I've enabled comment verification forms since I've been getting some stimulating comments from bots. Ugh.

Dear on-line diary,

Well. Three weeks till the semester ends. I can hardly wait. As much as I love the classroom environment, I can't really stand some of the bull-shyte "activities" I've had to participate in.

Some things I've learned about things:
-Online classes are a huge pain in the butt. The constant discussion-board interaction is no way to participate in a "discussion." How many more times do I have to type and/or read, "I agree completely." as a fulfillment of responding to someone elses post. Ugh.
-While I don't consider myself anti-social, I abhore group work of any sort. This is exaggerated by the general lack of social skills most IT students seem to have mastered at a young age. Years of sitting behind a computer screen in their bedroom instead of chasing down the BMOC for the big dance translates to more of the same.
-HTML coding is extremely time consuming when designing a website from scratch with little previous experience.
-One never learns how to do something right with no feedback from the instructor.
-Some things never change... I'm still a procrastinator.

Other than that, I'm looking forward to the semester break. Why? Because shortly after I finished six months of chemo, I was tossed into a completely new weekly schedule. It's been a difficult task to get acclimated to the change. All in all, it's made my life feel like it was put into a shoebox right around the time I got back from Hawaii in February and then that shoebox was subsequent, violently shaken, repeatedly. Good times indeed.

In other news, Where the i Divides is currently kicking ass and taking names on the next album. All that really means is that I'm spending one night a week without sleep with a guitar in my lap and a keyboard in front of a computer, redrafting demos for distribution to the rest of the band for their "creative" additions. (Lyrics and melodys, Drumbeats, Bass lines).

Sleep? Like I used to say in undergrad... "I'll be dead soon, then I'll sleep."

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

In preparedness...

This Thursday, I'm planning a live-blog for my Thursday night class... Computer Hardware Essentials.

Check back late to see it, or just read it on Friday. I will do my best to make it as entertaining as the title of the class sounds.

It sure as hell can't be any more boring than the class I'm sitting in right now. YAY!

I would direct all readers to the band's new website, but it's not up/functioning and such and such.

Too much meat on the plate, not enough salad.

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Detroit is awesome!

I spotted this article after I finished up my mid-term.

Made me think of this "article".

Detroit is awesome.

Thursday, October 01, 2009

I've pushed this before...

Sitting in class... awesome!

Check this out for a laugh.

Thursday, September 03, 2009


I made a playlist tonight while stuffing dollars into the jukebox at the Black Bear aka second home.

Track 1: Blame it on the Tetons - Modest Mouse
Track 2: Future Proof - Massive Attack
Track 3: My Own Summer (Shove it!) - Deftones

When I got home, I added these:

Track 4: Stop Whispering - Radiohead (Live in Boston, 1996)
Track 5: Bury Me - Smashing Pumpkins
Track 6: Politik - Coldplay
Track 7: For Martha - Smashing Pumpkins
Track 8: An Anniversary for an Uninteresting Event - Deftones
Track 9: Dope Nose - Weezer
Track 10: Fairest of the Seasons - Nico
Track 11: Set the Ray to Jerry - Smashing Pumpkins
Track 12: Aurora - Bjork
Track 13: The Day the World Went Away (Quiet) - Nine Inch Nails

It's been quite the day.

Cancer stuff...

Not that I have time for any of that anyway. School started last Monday. Ugh. 16 credits, 2 part-time jobs, a band to run. I guess I'm never as happy as I am running myself ragged. Try and stop me.

Thanks to everyone for their kind words, thoughts, prayers, judgements, idiosyncrasies, wisdom, patience.

There are many more songs I want to add to that playlist, but I'm going to limit myself. It's supposed to represent a certain place and time. Yeah.

Blame it on the Tetons.

Heard that song on my ipod on the way out of the parking ramp at the hospital today after I found out I was in remission.

Friday, August 28, 2009

It'll end in some crying

So apparently the new guitar hero is pushing a computer generated image of Kurdt.

Fuc dat!.. and Duck Guitar hero... he was never a guitar icon like the quiads in Dragonforce and he'll never be one. He was just a guy with something to say.

Like this...

total bullshit!

But on a good note, I'm going to pass out listening to This Mortal Coil's It'll End in Tears in my parents basement. I may not be 43 and it's not my birthday and there's nothing near a bowl in my room, it's still going to make me laugh through my dreams with Shakes the Clown. Just google werewolves and lollipops... makes me laugh every time